Science Portfolio

Since working as an animator of pop-science explainers for Mythbusters in 2011-12 I have focused on helping scientists and technologists communicate information through video and animation. Using engaging graphics and storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, Mental Image can produce videos for University Papers, school education or online courses.
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Pop science explainers

ANSTO - Synroc

Corporate pitch support video

ANSTO Power of 10

Educational Video


El Nino Southern Oscillation

How Did We Get Here

Web series opener

Catastrophic Science

Web series opener

Ansto - Sirius Accelerator

Nuclear science communication video


Science communication video

ANSTO - Kowari

Innovation Promotion


University Internet Media Promo

Flock Formation

Animation for Mythbusters

Brains and Oceans

Pop science explainer

Inverse square law

Educational video

Trade Wind Schematic

Academic Paper support video

Learning to Teach Online

New education guide

ANSTO - PET Scanner

Nuclear medicine explainer

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Educational Video


Educational Video


Protein absorbtion explainer

Centre of Mass

Animation for Mythbusters

Grenade Explosion

Animation for Mythbusters

Coherent Light

Educational Video


Educational animation