My current works in progress and other creative ideas

This video mashup started by overlaying a drum intro from Soul Sacrifice by Santana at Woodstock onto a simple bar of rhythm from I Want To Break Free by Queen. My friend Rob sent me a sample of guitar he had been playing over a Roots Manuva song, which seemed to coincidentally match it (although I fiddled a bit), and then I just then I just piled on whatever else I had available that would fit. Not sure how Ariana Grande snuck in there, but I quite like how she doesnt get to sing.

This project started a new obsession I have creating absurdist psychedelic montages. From here my videos start to become increasingly ridiculous as you will soon see…

An unashamedly highbrow, deeply philosophical and esoteric montage of potent 20th Century symbols. A stern message to the youth of today – a warning, if you will – that free-spiritedness, human evolution, gender equality and extreme fascism do not exclude one another. That humanity as a whole must transform energy in order to free itself from the shackles of a world which thrives on the mindless servitude of her inhabitants. By refusing to eat the loathsome, low hanging fruit of dictatorship, we will bring disorder to the courtroom of oppression. This video will be talked about for years to come. – Polly May Popplehoop, August 2036

Yes, I have penchant for silliness.

A heartwarming look at mankind, masculinity, males, and men, exposing their supreme dominance over one another, in a world that cares.

Click Clack by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, remixed for dancing.

Easily the closest thing to a masterpiece I’ve ever created