About us

Mental Image was set up in 2010 by Sydney artist Hamish Gilbert, to manage small
teams in the production of animations, videos and online experiences.

Hamish Gilbert has been an innovator in the creation of short form videos and cross platform content since animation and rich media first graced the internet. From the late 90s Hamish worked as as an animation contractor for many Australian TV productions, media agencies and companies including Australian Broadcasting Corporation, British Council and News Ltd. Over many years he developed skills in animation direction, story boarding, video editing, motion graphics, vfx, script writing and front end development. He set up Mental Image in 2010 to be able to take on larger jobs and manage teams of artists, writers, coders and musicians.

Mental Image employs teams on an as-needs-basis. This means we are able to keep our overheads low, and our services affordable to a local and international market.

Mental Image is based in Sydney, Australia but have had clients and suppliers from all over the world.  We have streamlined methods for connecting and maintaining communications through the internet.

To get in contact, email info@mentalimage.com.au.

Hamish Gilbert

Producer at Mental

Mental Image Productions
Mental Image Productions

Email info@mentalimage.com.au with your ideas for an app, website or video.

We will get back to you with a detailed proposal. We work closely with all our clients to help formulate ideas to reach their target audience.